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Historic Home Tour
Take a drive around Pittsburg and discover some of our most historic homes.
Drive around and discover some of Pittsburg most historic homes. These are private residents and not for public entry. Please do not try to enter the homes.
Original Owner: A.A. HallBuilt: 1917
Original Owner: C.A. DykeBuilt: 1899
Original Owner: D.F Dawson Built: 1910

David Harper Abernathy was born in 1858 in Arkansas. He moved with his family to Pittsburg in 1864. After learning business in Nashville, Tennessee, David returned to help Run his father's dry goods store. He was a major leader in town and was heavily involved in the Methodist church. This house was built for the Abernathy family in 1896 by George Barber. It is a two-story Queen Anne-style home, with a wraparound porch, spindle work and a front gable. The original front door is intact and much of the interior has remained unchanged. The house was expanded and modified after World war II. The house is a reminder of a century of the influential Abernathy family. 

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 2015

Original Owner: Dr. R.Y. LacyBuilt: 1909
Original Owner: G.A. HessBuilt: 1911
Original Owner: George W. DavisBuilt: 1885
Original Owner: H.A. StampsBuilt: c.1900
Original Owner: J.A. BaileyBuilt: 1907
Original Owner: James A. SewellBuilt: 1918
Original Owner: John M. HolmanBuilt: 1913
Original Owner: L.R. HallBuilt: 1900
Original Owner: P.W. ThorsellBuilt: 1910
Original Owner: W.C. HargroveBuilt: 1910
Original Owner: William Rhymes Built: 1900
Original Owner: W.P. Woods Built: 1904
Original Owner: W.R. HeathBuilt: 1904